How Servis Motor Yourself With Good

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Today we do have to learn economical, so things can be worked over themselves do not need to ask for help from others. Likewise we are for servicing the motor, if it could itself why do not we do? In addition can be done anytime, cost efficient, can be added science and most importantly avoid mechanical cheating.
Here's how services need to be considered:

Engine oil.
Oil serves as a lubricant, need to know that the oil is not just simply as a lubricant or lubricant between the parts - part rubbing machines, oil also function as heat absorbers and binder dirt that occurs when engine parts rub together.

Check the quantity of engine oil by way of check the oil level on the stick indicators, if less, obliged to add, Oli also be reduced because evaporates or seeps into the combustion chamber (because piston is worn out, and we can see from the white smoke out of the exhaust).

Do not forget to also check whether the quality of oil is cloudy or watery, if it is bad, it is better replaced the oil. We recommend a standard oil change is 2000-3000Km, so it's better to use oil that is mediocre, but often routine replace it.

Battery is a very important component and we often take for granted. Aki becomes a tool for DC ignition system. If the battery problem, the machine will also be problematic. Likewise, the electrical system, the lights will be bright, dim horn will also sound.

Check the water level of batteries, if less, add water (H2O).
Check the voltage of the charge, if the above 12Volt. If it had been under 12volt, it helps you replace a new battery. In the morning, use the kick starter battery charged so that electricity, do not force the use of electric starter more than 3 seconds without a break, and do not push more than 3 times. if the machine does not flash, check the battery regularly once a month.

Busi is a very important tool also in engine performance. Busi is also a sprinkler sparks for combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber. If the engine stalled - stalled, do not get confused, try the condition of the spark plug. Clean the spark plug of dirt and crust stuck using gasoline. Check and adjust the spark plug electrode spacing 0,7mm ideal wealthy.

Ideally both ignition plug color is red brick, because it shows good combustion with the sense of supply of fuel and air is ideal. Check the spark plugs, whether it was big or not. The trick, pair on chop spark plugs, then hold to the engine block, and kick starter or just push the electric starter, if still memercikan means still good.

Carburetor (conventional) or Throttle Body (injection / EFI).
The carburetor is a part that greatly affects the performance of your motorcycle, if the mixer and atomizer device and combustion air is dirty, the machine will not live up to. better clean the carburetor if it is dirty, if you do not want to bother to open it, just spray the CLEANER carburetor inlet of the carburetor / throttle body and into the spark plug hole. Do not forget to clean the air filter and replace it if it looks outdated and can not be cleaned.

Check the chain and gear set.
Check and adjust the firmness of the chain. Here are the laws governing the chain:
If the chain slack chain so tightly secure. If the chain dry or worn then lumasilah with chainlube do not use used oil. If the chain could not be set (if there are strong plays no sagging), the chain has been rough sound and the gear is sharp, then you better replace.

Cylinder Head Engineering

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Cavity or space cooling water largely placed on the engine block, cooling air has a different lay-outs. Block cylinder with some external equipment placed on the cylinder block. The top of the cylinder block containing a cylindrical tube that is surrounded by cooling mantle.

Drill cylinder tube in the direction into blocks or create a separate cylindrical channel. The bottom of the cylinder block holder main bearings of the crankshaft and called crank cavity. In the general machinery camshaft is supported by bearings in the cylinder block.

Dry tube into the hole in the press cylinder block and pendinginana indirectly, the outer surface of the cylinder tube and the tube hole is precision to get good contact and heat transfer.

Cylinder head.
Cylinder head mixed cast iron or aluminum. Even the great conductor of heat is important. Part of combustion heat which heats the combustion chamber must be channeled quickly, that excess heat in the combustion chamber does not lead to ignition of fuel mixture with air. Side engine valve and cylinder two-stroke engine has a cylinder block through the hole. Ruan burning with the complications of making a good cause vortex shape. Hole plugs are placed determines the concern for the combustion process.

The cylinder head valve head on the mantle contains additional coolant, hole plugs and combustion chamber. Entrance and the exhaust, the valve seat either location of the conductive valve. Distribution of heat from the exhaust valve and the door is equipped cooling coat is bigger than the engine valve on the side. The size of the combustion chamber to change the compression ratio (Also step of charging).

The cylinder head with the camshaft at the top of the head is more complication, because it kenyataaan camshaft is equipped with pads. The parts of the valve system that is placed on the cylinder head is protected by a closed valve lift equipment generally top of the engine valve in the head.
The inlet is connected to the carburetor and the entrance to the cylinder block (engine valve side) or the cylinder head (engine valve at the top of the head), it is made of cast iron or a little mixture and shape made possible slight flow resistance while achieving cylinder good.

Carburetors are often placed in the middle inlet branching to the entire door entry. Shape inlet depending on the type of carburetor, the completeness of the machine and how the entrance and exhaust in the cylinder head. A machine with the location of the door in accordance with the principle of stream crossing on one side and expenditure on the other side of the door, the machine type V location of the inlet between the two rows of cylinders. Carburetor for is the carburetor two entrances where the left door airport cylinders 1,7,4 and 6 cylinders and door karburato serve others.

The inlet to the gasoline fuel injected can be made in various ways, channels 4-cylinder engine each cylinder has its own inlet connection and a hypodermic syringe.

Crank Movement System

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Mechanical movement of the crankshaft and a crank including components connected to the crankshaft. Crankshaft, main bearings, wheel successor, the shaft with bearing and piston with pen pistons, piston rings entirely engkol.Poros crank movement affected the type of charge that requested materials, planning and a strong place. When the crankshaft rotates influenced centrifugal force related measurement at crankshaft speed and severity of the crank and the bottom of the shaft.

Style adjusted with counterweight that is made in such a way and the key to prevent the magnitude of the centrifugal force and the crank shaft. Two styles counterbalance each other woods. Twisting force occurs in the crankshaft at each boost of energy from the cylinder. Style on the move from the crank wheel to his successor and for the transfer of force torsion vibrations occur. Crankshaft affected some irregularities because the elastic energy drive and then back again to the normal shape. If the deviation was again missed also from its normal shape. It can cause rapid vibrations emgkol broken shaft.

Organize and counteraction decrease vibration crankshaft is equipped with a vibration damper (torsion vibration dampers) that were placed at the front of the crankshaft. Vibration damper consists of a ring damper bouncy sitting on the crankshaft. Deviations crankshaft causing occasional increase and decrease in speed hub (neck shaft). speed variations in humidity blocked by the ring. imbalance of the crankshaft cause vibration in the crankshaft and vibration in the engine.

The imbalance in a body rotation that occurs when the rounds and the center line of gravity is not the same shaft, if the shaft balanced static hit the field becomes loose, the shaft there can be no equilibrium positions.

Shaft vibration can result if the average static equilibrium, this occurs when the rotating shaft intersected by the center line of gravity of the shaft. Poros then unbalanced and vibration increases if the speed increases, with the opening up of the center of gravity blow gariis shaft is working so that coincided with the rotation shaft and the shaft then the static and dynamic balance.

Poros really balanced in the specific tools and the imbalance is rectified by reducing the material of the crank cheek or the weight by burning or grinding. Crankshaft usually forged or cast perfectly. The material is a mixture of high tension steel. Nickel chromium or chromium manganese silicon is biasanyadi wrought. Crankshaft is made from a bar of steel hammered and crankshaft with ballast weights are tied with bolts.

Ring Torak - Torak and Piston

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Torak is also called piston receiving combustion pressure and move the pen style through the piston on the shaft, piston ring seals the piston against the pressure of combustion, the piston cross-section made on a closed piston walls are thin. The piston is moving part directly related to pressure and heat in the combustion chamber, the load on the piston is real and can be divided.

1. Load the heat generated from the heat of combustion.
2. mechanical load (load of pressure combustion piston pins and bearing friction).
Prisoners friction of the cylinder wall with the back and forth motion, the friction of the ring in the piston ring grooves produce moving. Piston is made from a mixture of mild (In some cases cast iron) suitable apparatus, light mixture has advantages and can deliver heat dissipates heat quickly from the piston head to the piston ring, where the heat is transferred to the cylinder wall. Metal has a lower density and lower piston weight, this produces a small loss of energy from deceleration and acceleration of the piston.

The difference in weight between the piston to the other about 5 grams, loss of light is a mixture of a large heat development. Piston must also have great leeway, when cold so not attached to the cylinder wall. If however the piston great leeway produce a loud sound piston (Piston tickle) that occurred beginning step effort, which alluded to the pressure piston cylinder wall.

There are several things that could resolve the issue, one way consists of completeness piston with horizontal grooves below the location of the ring. Reduction of this heat through the heat path between the piston and piston heads are arranged conductor pen piston in the cylinder tube.

The cylinder wall will lower its temperature and piston gap may be narrowing. Vertical grooves overcome heat development without enlarging the diameter of the piston wall. One way consists of completeness piston with horizontal grooves below the location of the ring, so sometimes dialur piston on the piston wall.

In this way the illustrated flow penghatntar heat sink, preferably comprising different ways of setting the heat development of the piston. This is done in different ways with steel inserts on the piston. Vertical clearances on the pen piston piston piston determine bagaimanna strong voice. Supervised clearances are small and do not change at various temperatures voice work piston is going down.

Piston with steel plates on the outside connecting on a mixture of light and free to move inside. Thus the results of the bimetal effect oval piston wall underneath become round when hot. Torak different shape with a ring, a steel ring shape around him. Intent steel ring and regulating the heat flow through an incision in the bottom ring groove of the piston expands heat is regulated under the piston keovalan be rounded when hot.

One way of blocking noise piston is made more advanced balancer piston pen kesisi working piston, in this way changing the angle of the shaft and the piston moves against the perfect job before TDC and before combustion and pressure development occurs. All the difference in the balance where the balance of the cylinders in its relationship to the crankshaft normal force declined to press the cylinder wall, this drop in the field of press in the piston wall surface.

The same result is achieved by balancing pen piston side of the working piston. The pistons on the mark by showing how the piston in pairs, it is mandatory instructions follow.